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Sample programmes:

Shabbat Shalom


Discover the significance of the Friday night meal and the Sabbath day in Jewish life


Learn how different families celebrate at home and in synagogue


Explore the rich symbolism and rituals of the Sabbath


Bring the Sabbath into your classroom with experiential learning

•Lay a Sabbath table

•Sing a Sabbath song in Hebrew

•Taste Challah, the plaited bread traditionally eaten on Friday nights

•Smell the spices used in the Havdalah ceremony, which signals the end of the Sabbath

•Try on a prayer shawl and Kippah (skullcap)


Taste of Torah


Find out why the Torah is at the heart of Jewish life and reflect on what makes it special.

Learn about the Torah Scroll and its use in worship and study


Explore some of the content of the Torah


•Stories of the people of Israel, such as Abraham and Sarah, Moses and the Exodus from Egypt

•Ten Commandments: laws and values

Older students can be prompted to think about different ways of interpreting holy texts


Scribe for the day

•Learn to read and write a few letters of Hebrew script


Synagogues and Jewish Community


This session can take place either in your school or as part of a trip to a local Synagogue in order to create a memorable and interactive learning experience


Explore the importance of synagogues for Jewish people and use a deepened understanding of the role of synagogues to prompt discussion and reflection on special places and communities in the students’ own lives


Learn about the main features of a synagogue, their history and symbolism

•Ark and Torah Scrolls

•Everlasting Light

•Bimah/Reading desk


Explore the functions and running of a synagogue

•Place of worship and study

•Community centre and support network

•The role of the Rabbi and the lay (volunteer) leadership





This session can be run in conjunction with the one on Torah, and can also demonstrate the use and significance of Jewish ritual objects and dress, such as Mezuzah, the Kippah and Tallit

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